ULPD dispatch phone now in service

Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 3:17 p.m.

University Police dispatch phone is now back in service. For emergencies, dial 337-482-6447 or 911.

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ULPD dispatch phone down

University Police dispatch phone is not working. For emergencies, dial 337-482-6448 or 911.

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University to reopen Thursday, June 22

UL Lafayette will open Thursday, June 22. Should inclement weather persist in the morning, individuals are advised to exercise caution traveling to campus. Employees unable to reach work should contact their supervisor. Students unable to attend class will need to make arrangements with their instructor or email deanofstudents@louisiana.edu.

Please continue to follow the University’s website at http://louisiana.edu or social media for official updates.

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University closed Wednesday, June 21

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will be closed Wednesday, June 21, due to Tropical Storm Cindy. We will continue to monitor the storm and will make an announcement by 6 p.m. Wednesday regarding the University’s status for Thursday, June 22.

For official updates, follow the University’s website at http://louisiana.edu and social media.
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Monitoring Tropical System

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

UL Lafayette is monitoring the tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. The University will open on Tuesday, June 20. Please follow the University’s website and social media for official updates.

For more information on Potential Tropical Cyclone THREE, visit hurricanes.gov

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Notice to the Campus Community from University Police


UL Lafayette Police, the City of Lafayette Police, and the FBI investigated the incident. The case was closed this afternoon after the complainant admitted that she fabricated the story.


On Nov. 9, 2016, at approximately 11:05 a.m., officers were notified of a robbery that occurred on Smith Street near Buena Vista Boulevard. The victim, a UL Lafayette student, reported that she was walking down Smith Street when a gray four-door vehicle with a license plate starting with “J” stopped in front of her and two white males stepped out toward her.  Both suspects were wearing sweatpants and one of them was wearing a white “TRUMP” hat. The victim said the suspects then hit her with something metal, which made her fall to the ground. The two individuals hit the victim while she was down and made obscene comments. The two suspects then took the victim’s head wrap and wallet. The suspects were last seen driving away toward Johnston Street. Lafayette City Police is investigating.

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If you observe suspicious activity or unsafe conditions, call University Police immediately at 337-482-6447, or dial 911 from any University phone, or press the call button on a Code Blue emergency phone. You can report anonymous tips to University Police at 482-2TIP (2-2847) or through the Rave Guardian app at http://police.louisiana.edu/staying-safe/rave-guardian-app

STAY SAFE. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to stay current with the University’s Emergency Notification System by logging onto ULink and verifying your contact information. Youalso can use the Rave Guardian app on mobile phones to check-in with guardians and utilize the panic button. See more at http://police.louisiana.edu/staying-safe/rave-guardian-app

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Notice from ULPD

At about 7:20 Wednesday night, UL Police responded to a report of a loud noise at Legacy Park Apartments, 210 Girard Park Circle. When officers arrived, witnesses reported hearing a loud noise coming from one of the apartments. They also stated that two people then left the apartment and the area.

It was later determined that the occupants of that apartment were playing with what was believed to be an M80 firework when it went off.  One of them sustained a hand injury and was transported by a friend to a local hospital.

During a follow-up investigation, police learned that there could be another M80-type firework inside the apartment. As a precautionary measure, the building was partially evacuated this morning while UL Police searched the apartment. A second M80-type firework was located and removed.

According to University Police, Legacy Park residents were never in imminent danger. The partial evacuation was conducted only as a precaution.

An investigation into the incident is continuing.

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